Dockyard presents HE.SHE.THEY.
3 august 2024
Important info
Important info

Please, find here all your answers…

Where can I get my tickets?

The public ticket sales will go live on Thursday, May 23, at 12:00 PM.

Pre-registered dancers have the chance to secure their tickets earlier. By pre-registering via our website, you’ll get access to the exclusive pre-register ticket sales, where you can purchase the first and most affordable tickets. The pre-register ticket sales are open from Thursday, May 16, at 12:00 PM, to Wednesday, May 22.


Third party tickets? We only work together with Ticketswap. If you wan’t to buy tickets from a third party or want to sell your tickets, you can do that on Messages on our social media accounts with offered tickets that are not resold through Ticketswap will be removed.

We DO NOT work wit party’s as tickettack, etc. If you buy or sell a ticket somewhere else dan our own ticketshop or Ticketswap we can’t help you with any questions or problems.

I have a question about my tickets

Lost your ticket?

Please go to this website and ask them to send your tickets again by filling in your e-mail address and the AT-code.
You can find your AT-code on the payment details of your bankaccount.

If you have a question about your tickets, please send an email to [email protected].

Is it an indoor or outdoor festival?

Dockyard presents HE.SHE.THEY. is an open-air festival. There’re 3 stages, 2 of these are indoor.

Facilities at the festival

There are lockers available to rent during the festival. There is approximately enough room for 3 clothing items per 1 locker.

Consumption tokens can be purchased using cash, PIN or credit card. It is not possible to refund the tokens or use them at an upcoming event.

The location has a variety of food available for purchase at the event. External food and drinks are prohibited unless there is a doctor’s note detailing your medical condition and the necessity of the food/drink that you will have with you.

If you have a medical condition and will need to bring your own food and/or drinks to the event, please contact us.

There are no cigarettes for sale on the festival. So bring enough before you enter the festival.

E-cigarettes are permitted. But you cannot bring new refills.

Drug use is strictly prohibited. Expect to be checked thoroughly by security at the entrance.

Breast pump station
Bring your breast pump to our First aid stand for a private place to pump


Dockyard presents HE.SHE.THEY. is an 18+ festival. That means only people who are 18 or older can get acces at our festival. We want to welcome each one of you but we can’t make an exception for this. You will not get acces if you are 17 or younger. not even if your birthday is the day after the festival. Your ID will be checked at the entrance.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found
If you have lost something, please send us a Facebook message or Instagram message.
Please give a detailed description of the item in question.

If you have found something you can bring them to the locker desk.

Forget something in your locker? Please go to

We love your ears!

You too?
Bring your own ear plugs or buy special party plugs from Alpine at our merchandise stall at the festival.
These party plugs are reusable and are sold in a small case.

For more information visit

Celebrate Safe!

We think it’s really important to celebrate life!
So do it safe and have fun.

1. Think for yourself, care about others
2. Using alcohol or other drugs is never without risks
3. Love your ears, use earplugs
4. Take a break to cool and chill
5. Know your limits and respect those of others
6. Enjoy safe sex without regrets
7. Security & crew is there to keep you safe
8. The First Aid Team is your friend
9. Get home safe: grab a ride. Don’t drink and drive
10.Love your body: take time to recover

For more information visit Celebrate Safe

General rules and conditions

Please find here our General Rules and Conditions.

Na het bestellen en betalen van tickets kan de de aankoop niet annuleren. Het herroepingsrecht is niet van toepassing. Het ticket heeft betrekking op vrijetijdsbesteding zoals bedoeld in artikel 6:230p sub e BW.

Dockland Events B.V.
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Yes, we would love to welcome you as a member of our Dockyard family!
We are always searching for people who want to help us during the building up, the show day or the break down.

A few months before the festival, we’ll open a form to sign up as a volunteer. You can choose to help us build the festival or volunteer by scanning tickets on show day!⁠⁠ We’ll thank you with either a guest ticket to the event or consumption tokens (if you’ve already got a ticket). ⁠⁠



HE.SHE.THEY. is a house and techno rave for EVERYONE, all sexualities, all races, all genders.
Their ethos; to create a place without prejudice, where people can be people, and party together in the ultimate spirit of individuality. From fabric and Fold in London to 40 cities across the globe including the original homes of dance music; NYC, Chicago and Detroit to Europe’s throbbing dance-floors in Berlin, Paris, Ibiza and of course our beloved Amsterdam.
HE.SHE.THEY. continues to fly the flag internationally for the best in house and techno celebrating the creativity, diversity and representation that were the original foundations of electronic music. Everyone is welcome as long as you are tolerant and kind to all others in the space. Come as you are or in a full look. Experimentation. Is. Encouraged.


If you couldn’t find your answer in our FAQ you can contact us trough the following options:

With Facebook Messenger
With Instagram direct
You can also mail us at info[@]

Dockland Events B.V.
KVK: 60348135

Dockyard vs HE.SHE.THEY
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